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Why Dispute.ly

Achieve the same results as a professional credit repair company at a fraction of the cost.

How it works

Start by optaining credit reports via credit monitoring site & import into Dispute.ly with Just 1 Click


Dispute.ly A.I. will analyze credit report and provide a detailed breakdown of your current standing


Dispute.ly provides a customized strategic plan to help immediately improve your credit scores today and over time.


Automatically generates customized disputes, prints, and mails your disputes with just one click of a button


Track live Progress and Results easily within the app. Truly the first ever hands off app!


FREE Access to all the tools you need to reach the FULL potential of your Credit Score

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About us

All of our best resources in one single place!

Dispute.ly is the first ever FREE Professional Credit Building and Credit Repair AI Tool. Founded in 2018, Dispute.ly was created by a Team of Credit Repair Business Owners seeking to provide a solution to the Bad Credit epidemic. Dispute.ly not only helps educate you on how to build and maintain credit, it also helps you repair blemishes and inaccuracies on your credit report fast.

Using Artificial Intellegence, Dispute.ly immediately identifies any Credit deficiencies within your credit profile and provides you quick solutions on how to help you maximize your credit standing and scores. Traditional Credit Repair Services can cost more than a mortgage payment and Dispute.ly provides you professional financial and credit guidance completely free.


We have the best offer

We have the best offer

Credit consultation


3-Bureau credit reports & scores

Personalised game plan

Total Life Time Investment

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Credit consultation Free

Reputation Stellar

3-Bureau credit reports & scores Free

Personalised game plan Free

Total Life Time Investment Free


Happy customers

"I am so happy with the results"

Dispute.ly is like having a personal credit repair assistant in my pocket! The app is so easy to use, and I love that it generates customized disputes based on my unique credit issues. And the best part? My credit score went up significantly in just a few months. I am so happy with the results and highly recommend Dispute.ly to anyone who needs fast and easy credit repair.

"I was able to qualify for a home loan!"

Dispute.ly is the real deal! I was skeptical at first, but the app exceeded my expectations. The whole process was so fast and easy - I just imported my credit reports and let Dispute.ly do the rest. And the best part? My credit score went up so much, I was able to qualify for a home loan! Thank you, Dispute.ly!

"The app did everything for me..."

I can't believe how easy it was to repair my credit with Dispute.ly. I used to avoid checking my credit score because it stressed me out so much. But with Dispute.ly, I didn't have to worry about a thing. The app did everything for me, and my credit score went up significantly in just a few months. I highly recommend Dispute.ly to anyone who wants to improve their credit score without all the hassle!


Frequently asked questions

What is Dispute.ly?

Dispute.ly is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Credit Repair Tool that provides professional credit repair for free. Created and designed by Credit Repair Professionals with you in mind to help provide a solution to not only help you repair your credit but also create credit and financial independence. Although a massive epidemic throughout the United States, credit repair is only one solution to an overall HUGE problem and the Dispute.ly Credit Repair Tool not only helps you repair your credit but also helps guide you to financial stability and wealth building.

The term “AI” is becoming a household name and unfortunately most companies who use this term are using it for branding purposes and they aren’t actually implementing AI into their software. With Dispute.ly, we took 12 years of credit repair learning, created a solution to fixing credit, and then used AI to help us automate and customize the process. Today, Dispute.ly has helped over 10,000 clients be able to initiate credit repair disputes within just 27 seconds. Not only is this process unheard of within the Credit and Financial sector, but we brought this product to market in mind of providing the solution to millions of Americans…. For FREE.

To be clear... Dispute.Ly isn’t for EVERYONE, unfortunately. It’s for the serious and the dedicated only. Whether you choose to hire a credit repair company, do the credit repairs yourself, or use the Dispute.ly software, you have to understand that your attentiveness to making sure you are proactive is 100% necessary.

Now, if you're serious about fixing your credit, Dispute.ly is the first ever hands-free dispute software that allows you to submit your Credit Repair disputes within 27 seconds and then after that, the software does everything for you. The average dispute process can require AT LEAST 2-4 hours of your time every month, with Dispute.Ly, you invest 27 seconds ONE TIME and then you never have to do anything more!

Dispute.ly is a FREE Program that gives you access to some of the most advanced dispute processes that were designed to provide you the best Credit Repair Results.

Dispute.ly currently offers two different packages to choose from:

1. The Standard Free Package which is completely free and disputes with the Major three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion) it also allows you to easily print and mail the disputes out on your own or have us do it for you.

2. The second package is the Premium Package which offers even more value and provides you with even more advanced dispute techniques coupled with disputing with most of all Credit Reporting Agencies, Data Furnishers, and regulatory agencies. With the Premium Package, we will mail out all the dispute letters for which provides you with an ultimate Red-Carpet experience.

A Credit Repair company is typically one or more people within a company who you hired to dispute your credit reports on your behalf. They typically charge a flat fee or a monthly fee for their services and they will send out disputes on your behalf.

With Dispute.ly, we are software designed to be used as a Credit Tool to help you improve your credit rating by helping you generate dispute letters that are not only customized and unique but designed specifically to help make changes to your credit report much quicker.

Working with Dispute.ly vs. a Credit Repair company there is just a HUGE price gap, Disptue.Ly is a FREE app and you have the option to upgrade your services but its average cost of $49 vs. Credit Repair Cost of $424 is a MASSIVE Gap. Dispute.ly was created to help people afford to hire a credit repair company without breaking the bank and get much better results. Most Credit Repair Companies are medieval and their dispute processes are all very similarly the same which can hinder your ability to get the best results. Not only this, Credit Repair Companies are on the top 10 hated list (like Dentists) of places people hate to go to.

Credit Repair if done right can change your life. Most Credit Repair companies don’t provide enough results to allow you to make sense of paying ($424) on average to repair your credit. Dispute.ly was designed with you in mind.

This is one of our FAVORITE questions because we have created the first ONE-of-a-KIND Credit Repair Tool that was created by Credit Repair Experts that after rigorous years of trial and error figured out the “Secret Solution.”

Online Dispute Apps can hurt you more than help you and most people are not aware of the major effects they can have on your credit report.

  1. Online Dispute Apps have partnerships with the three major Credit Reporting Agencies and they make you agree to only disputing once time each year. Yes, this verbiage is in the agreement you sign, so let’s say you dispute your credit report and the Data Furnisher or Credit Reporting Agency doesn’t fix the error… Well, you gave up your right to dispute on that account for an ENTIRE Year, so the likelihood of the account being removed is unlikely.
  2. Online Dispute apps do not allow you to dispute with technicalities which means their “General” dispute strategies allow the Data Furnishers an additional 90-day investigation period which allows them to put the disputed account back on your credit report even after a resolution was made. So essentially your results are not permanent which can cause your credit scores to fluctuate.
  3. Electronic Disputes have no tracking capabilities so the credit reporting agencies' feet aren’t held to the fire. When you dispute via mail you can track your progress and provide proof of your disputes in case your disputes aren’t resolved. You should NEVER use online electronic disputes as they are not regulated and can leave you disappointed.

Dispute.ly is one of the only online AI Credit Repair Tools that provides permanent results, we don’t restrict you to only disputing one time a year, and we use a delivery method that FORCES the credit reporting agencies to be held to a legal standard.

FREE Access to all the tools you need to reach the FULL potential of your Credit Score

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